NSWOCC Launches a New Members Benefit : Perkopolis Discount Program

NSWOCC Launches a New Members Benefit : Perkopolis Discount Program

Posted by Cathy Harley | June 4, 2019



NSWOCC Members – register for Perkopolis to get great discounts today!

Perkopolis is a NSWOCC Member discount program that provides access to exclusive discounts on a number of products and services across Canada.

Through Perkopolis you can find discounts on hotels, theatre tickets, car rentals and wellness services, just to name a few. For a complete list of perks please refer to the Perkopolis website: https://www.perkopolis.com

You are eligible to enrol if you are currently an RBC Insurance Group Benefit Solutions Plan Member. Your spouse and children can also benefit from the Perkopolis program as well.

NSWOCC Members will need to register through the Perkopolis registration process. Please see the registration process in the documentation below.

There is no cost to join. This program is part of your NSWOCC Membership Benefits package.

Perkopolis is available in both French and English..

Not all discounted perks are available in all areas. For example, although you can buy a ticket to a theatrical performance online from any part of the country, however the performance would only be available at the location noted.

Please contact office@nswoc.ca with any questions. Enjoy this new NSWOCC Members benefit.


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