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NSWOCC Member Benefits


Run by members – for the members

There has never been a more exciting time to be involved with the NSWOCC. By joining NSWOCC, you remain a part of a nationwide network of Nurses who have Specialized in Wound, Ostomy and Continence who promote the highest standards of patient care in the areas of wound, ostomy and continence. NSWOCs are right across the the continuum of care from acute to community:

  • Hospital
  • Rehabilitation
  • Home Care
  • Long-term Care
  • Patient Clinics

The NSWOCC is embracing new ways of thinking, pursuit of new knowledge, and visionary leadership. The future looks exciting. We want and need all members to be actively involved in defining the future of NSWOCC.

Become an NSWOCC Member today!

Why join NSWOCC? For the benefits!

I look to NSWOCC for:


  1. English and French communication
  2. Yearly subscription to 3 issues of the NSWOC Advance: the official publication of NSWOCC
  3. Discounted subscription to the Peer-Reviewed JWOCN online and hard copy
  4. Exclusive members-only section on the NSWOC site for expanded access
  5. Nation-wide discussion, networking & idea sharing via an exclusive electronic forum

Experience in Governance and Leadership

  1. Opportunity to participate on the NSWOCC Executive Board or to become a Regional Director
  2. Opportunity to lead or participate in NSWOCC Core Programs
  3. Ability to directly impact the NSWOC field and to shape the future of the NSWOCC
  4. Attend Annual Members Meeting to share views and use voting privileges

NSWOCC National Networking

  1. Access to national network of Nurses Specialized in Wound, Ostomy and Continence
  2. Networking/Membership Directory updates free of charge & you can have access to update your own contact information if it changes – immediately
  3. Local access to regional NSWOC groups
  4. Large group of contacts to share information and a support network
  5. Easy access to networking – Membership list worth $300.00. By-laws, Terms of Reference, and Standards of NSWOC Practice are included
  6. Develop networks on a more regional/provincial geographic level

Discounts and Savings

  1. Perkopolis: a member discount program that provides access to exclusive discounts on a number of products and services across Canada
  2. Access to NSWOC branded lab coats at discounted prices through
  3. 20% off the cost of the CNA Certification Exam

NSWOCC National Networking

  1. Access to national network of Nurses Specialized in Wound, Ostomy and Continence
  2. Local access to regional NSWOC groups
  3. Easy access to networking
  4. Develop geographic networks for specific regions/provinces
  5. Networking and Membership Directory listing
    • Access to the members directory is exclusive to members and is password protected. If you have not received the password and are a member, please contact the office of NSWOCC by email.

Education and Research

  1. Free access to CNA Certification Prep Course for WOCC(C) exam
  2. NSWOC Mentorship Program
  3. Access to best practice recommendations in wound, ostomy, and continence
  4. Discounted members’ rate for annual National Conference
  5. Access to webinars on NSWOC related topics
  6. Opportunity to participate in research projects to improve WOC care
  7. Opportunity to become a WOC Institute Preceptor

International Reach

  1. Access to International Skin Tear Advisory Panel (ISTAP) information
  2. Partnership with the World Council for Enterostomal Therapy (WCET)
  3. Exposure to global Best Practice Recommendations in wound, ostomy, and continence


  1. Support for advocating the NSWOC Position
  2. Access to Power of 3 Campaign
  3. Opportunity to participate in Community Engagement & Ostomy Advocacy Committee