Membership Benefits

Run by members – for the members

There has never been a more exciting time to be involved with the NSWOCC. By joining NSWOCC, you remain a part of a nationwide network of Nurses who have Specialized in Wound, Ostomy and Continence who promote the highest standards of patient care in the areas of wound, ostomy and continence.

The NSWOCC is embracing new ways of thinking, pursuit of new knowledge, and visionary leadership. The future looks exciting. We want and need all members to be actively involved in defining the future of NSWOCC.

By becoming a member of NSWOCC, you will have access to the benefits shown below.


  1. Subscription to the Link included in membership.
  2. Free communication vehicle worth $15.00/issue – 3 issues in per year – Total value of $45.00
  3. NSWOCC Website – Members Only Section is password protected
  4. Easily accessible information at – allows you to access NSWOC information not open to the general public
  5. NSWOCC Communication Forums
  6. Networking and idea sharing via an electronic Forum – ongoing National discussion and networking
  7. Bilingual communication
  8. Access to all Canadians
  9. The Link on line – official publication of NSWOCC
  10. Easy access to current NSWOCC information in the Link at
  11. Subscription to the Peer-Reviewed JWOCN
  12. International recognition for NSWOCC and access to peer reviewed articles

Experience in Governance and Leadership

  1. Opportunity to participate on the NSWOCC Executive Board
  2. Formal nomination process to become an Executive Board Member
  3. Opportunity to become a Regional Director
  4. Opportunity to participate in NSWOCC Core Programs
  5. Right to attend business meeting as a voting member
  6. Members have the ability to directly impact the NSWOC field
  7. Diplomatic nomination process where all members have the opportunity to be elected if they choose to run
  8. Ability to shape the future of the NSWOCC, attend Board meetings twice per year, and actively give input into NSWOCC initiatives
  9. Operation of the NSWOCC through member involvement – actively participate in NSWOCC Initiatives to shape the future of NSWOC practice
  10. Annual Members Meeting allows you to share your views and active members having voting privileges

NSWOCC National Networking

  1. Access to national network of Nurses Specialized in Wound, Ostomy and Continence
  2. Networking/Membership Directory updates free of charge & you can have access to update your own contact information if it changes – immediately
  3. Local access to regional NSWOC groups
  4. Large group of contacts to share information and a support network
  5. Easy access to networking – Membership list worth $300.00. By-laws, Terms of Reference, and Standards of NSWOC Practice are included
  6. Develop networks on a more regional/provincial geographic level

Savings on Uniforms/Lab Coats

  1. 10% discount on the retail price of uniforms and lab coats at Lizzy-B Uniforms or call 1-800-268-8668 and reference your NSWOCC membership fee receipt number
  2. Save money on uniforms and lab coats – 10% discount

Having you as a NSWOCC member and your involvement in NSWOCC is extremely important for our future. Please complete the Membership Application / Renewal Form making any necessary corrections and paying particular attention to the highlighted area of the form. Remember to sign the form.

Membership Directory

  1. Access to the members directory is exclusive to members and is password protected. If you have not received the password and are a member, please contact the office of NSWOCC by email.